My Rainbow Kit


For Christmas I got a really fun kit about rainbows. It had a rainbow catcher, a really cool necklace, a streamer thingy, and it also had a really really cool pinwheel, and it also had a bracelet and a pinata. Unfortunately the pinata didn't work out that well. I didn't make the bracelet yet. The pinata just didn't fall apart when we hit it. We had to take it apart with our hands to get it open.

It even had a really really fun part. Actually, it wasn't really that fun. It did mostly just have a little too much fragile stuff because, literally, we couldn't really find out how the necklace worked because it kept falling apart.

And, also, there was another kind of weird part about it. Well, it wasn't that weird. Because, my baby sister Nora ripped up a rainbow catcher before I even finished making it. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to put it back together. But my mom did say she would help me with putting my rainbow catcher back together. And, also, another kind of weird part about it. Well, it wasn't that weird: I accidentally sat on my pinwheel pieces, and now the paper is ripped and it's not able to be fixed.

And, also, I kind of had a very weird thing about it, because while I was writing this blog post my sister Lily kept poking me with her feet, and my baby sister Nora kept trying to pull my dress apart, which I did not like.

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