Corncob Dolls


I went to a farm and at the farm I got to see a corncrib and the corn that had fell out of the corncrib that no one wanted I got to use my fingers to take off the corn kernels and once the cobs were empty I put them in a bag and then once I got back to the house I was staying in I ate dinner and I got to work with a few pencils some tape and some paper and some markers and I used some of the markers to make the eyes and mouth but I didn't want to add a nose so what I did was I made little pink squares on the pieces of paper and then I wrapped up the corncob dolls in the paper that I had made pink squares on and then I taped the paper onto the corncob dolls and then I had a bunch of corncob dolls.

The next day I had a really fun time before it was time to go to the airport and in the time I had before we went to the airport I played in a little hoop made of netting and then I bounced on a really really fun bouncy thing that you can hold on to and you stand on it and you can just bounce on it, and then after that i tried going on the zip line which didn't work out very well because most of the times I just ended up hanging by arms from it.

Right after I made the corncob dolls I got to bounce on a really fun trampoline and see some cows and I got to sit on a real tractor and I also got to sit on a toy tractor—those were really fun!

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